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Vasil Kraynov Becomes a Diamond and New Member of CEO Circle

In order to stay close to Mr. Holton Buggs' fire, Diamond Ambassador Vasil Kraynov has officially joined the CEO Circle. He qualifies with 10 Ellev8 customers.

With this foundation in place, he will be ready to move on to CEO Corner, following Mr. Holton Buggs' examples of leadership through CEO Circle.

In the interview below, your Diamond demonstrates what it means to live by example and reveals his "secret" to getting Ellev8 customers fast!

What motivated you to join the CEO Circle?

Simply put, I first wanted to be a leader that led by example. When a task is given, you want to be the first one to achieve it. If you want to be the best leader, you must be the first achiever.

How does it feel to be the first members of the CEO Circle?

I feel incredible to be one of the first members. It achieves something for me, and I’m even more excited to use this opportunity to help me further my goals and help even more people unlock their ideal futures.

Why do you think it is essential to join the CEO Circle?

You want to be near the fire, always. Mr. Holton Buggs has created the fire and allowed us to have these opportunities and I’m really excited for the next person to join the CEO Circle.

What is your “secret” to getting Ellev8 customers?

The secret for you to unlock more customers is nothing. YOU are creating the picture for the customers, so you control the narrative of how Ellev8 can help change lives. Just, help them.

What do you hope to gain from being a part of the CEO Circle?

I want to gain a bigger mindset, and learn how to be better than I am now. I want to develop my skill set to help better the next person that comes across my path.

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