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Sapphire Ambassador Jeffrey Malcolm from Jamaica Joins the CEO Circle

Having just become the first Caribbean CEO Circle member, Jeffrey Malcolm is eager to learn from this distinguished group of peers under Mr. Holton Buggs.

Jeffrey Malcolm rapidly qualified for CEO Circle status by bringing in 10 monthly Ellev8 customers, after realizing the importance of persistence!

Read the interview below and find out why Sapphire is motivated to learn and grow, and what he plans to do for CEO Corner next!

What motivated you to join the CEO Circle?

As soon as it was announced, I saw it as an opportunity to grow my business. Being able to make extra income with the motivation that this opportunity gave me was incredible.

How does it feel to be the first members of the CEO Circle?

Absolutely amazing! Especially as I am one of the first members in Jamaica and the Caribbean as a whole.

Why do you think it is essential to join the CEO Circle?

It’s the fact that you could get close to Mr. Holton Buggs. I’m not a Diamond yet or part of an exclusive group of his, but this was still an opportunity for me to get that access to him and his association. That was a big deal for me.

What is your “secret” to getting Ellev8 customers?

There is no secret to success - you just have to put in the work! I talk to at least 10 people a day - I’ve gotten no’s, I've gotten blocks, but you have to become persistent and stay consistent! Reach out to people EVERY day and sharing your own results will help you grow your business!

What do you hope to gain from being a part of the CEO Circle?

I can’t wait to learn so much more not only from MR. Holton Buggs, but also the other members of the CEO Circle. I’m sure their experiences will differ from mine, and I always want to be a student in every way I develop myself. CEO Corner is next for me!

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