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Star Achiever Interview Series— Shirley Xavier

Ruby Ambassador, Ms. Shirley Xavier Hit Super Star Achiever With an Average of 18-22 Star Achievers a month! 🌟

"See it in your mind, believe you can, and lead by example." That's the secret recipe for Ms. Xavier's Super Star Achiever success. Continue reading to learn exactly how she did it!

How did you start your Super Star Achiever journey?

"My Super Star Achiever journey started back in December 2020 when our CEO asked who's going to be a Super Star Achiever in the company.

First, I caught the vision, made the commitment that Mr. Buggs can count on me, and got to work.

Second, since I tell my team all the time that #LeadersLead, I had to show that in my own action and immediately became an unofficial Star Achiever that same month. Then, I set a goal of how many Star Achievers & Super Star Achievers I would like to have on my team.

Third, I followed the call to action by my Diamonds to help build the company's momentum and took ownership of promoting to my team why Star Achiever was so important and why they shouldn't wait.

Fourth, I studied the "How to Go Diamond segment" Mr. Buggs did in December 2020 and had a call with my team. I shared the slides, broke down the PQV Success Principle and earning potential. "A Star Achiever is the evidence that you own a business."

Fifth, I celebrated my team members who became Star Achievers by calling them Lifetime Star Achievers and made them feel special about their achievements. I became a Super Star Achiever right away in December and then focused on duplicating more Super Star Achievers in the team.

What was your business strategy for building your team & becoming a Super Star Achiever?

"My one main strategy is to always build my team's confidence in themselves and ibüümerang. Helping them understand the timing and fortune to be part of this revolutionary, record-breaking company. Although with some challenges, one can get easily discouraged but when you can create many small wins during uncertain times, it's proof that when things get better, there's nothing you can't do with a little extra PUSH. I'm a Super Star Achiever as a result of that! "

How many Star Achievers do you have in your team?

"I average between 18-22 Star Achievers a month. When the program kicked off in February we had our highest count of 24 Star Achievers. My goal was 25. And I currently have 3 Super Star Achievers in my team."

What advice would you give to those who aspire to become Star Achievers & Super Star Achievers?

"See it in your mind, believe you can, and lead by example.  Don't look for others to do something that you are not doing. People have to see you sell out on an idea/concept that they're still trying to comprehend. But when they do, find creative ways to celebrate them. Visualize and commit to not walking this Super Star Achiever journey alone, see your team on stage getting recognized with YOU. Then, work backward from that vision to make it happen and you'll be A SUPER STAR in no time!

BüüM Family, LET'S GO!!"

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