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Star Achiever Interview Series— Sandee Aqui

Sapphire Ambassador, Ms. Sandee Aqui Hit Super Star Achiever With a Team of 45 Star Achievers! 🌟

Become a Star Achiever, let your team duplicate the process, and hit Super Star Achiever. It's as easy as 1,2,3. Ms. Sandee Aqui has followed these three steps and succeeded in building a big team of 45 Star Achievers. Continue reading to learn about her strategy!

How did you start your Super Star Achiever journey?

"I saw Mr. Buggs teach how to “Go Diamond” by becoming a Star Achiever at the Go Diamond event in 2020. I got really excited and impressed with this business strategy. I started prepping the team for Star Achiever in December of 2020 before the program was officially started. When it was launched in February 2021, my team was already in the right mindset.

This is a fantastic idea to teach people to do 300 PQV every month in their own business, so they can hit Diamond 3 times faster. When I realized this was one of the things that Mr. Buggs did to earn a million dollars a month, I was “FIRED UP”. I began by working on our mindset and showing the team the Star Achiever slideshow from Go Diamond.

To view Mr. Bugg's Star Achiever slideshow, click here!

We looked at how much easier it would be to hit Sapphire, Ruby, and Emerald as well. This made it clear how to get Diamond done and how this volume and their commitment would impact the team in every aspect.

What was your business strategy for building your team & becoming a Super Star Achiever?

First, we educated the team on the Star Achiever program and what it will do for their businesses.

Next, in order to implement it, I needed to hit Star Achiever first along with the other leaders.

Then, we started having conversations with everyone and identifying who wanted to commit to this program every month.

Finally, we started recognizing team members who wanted to take control of their businesses, follow in Mr. Holton Buggs’ footsteps, and change their lives financially.

This strategy is what helped our team produce 4 Super Star Achievers, including myself. What I like about Star Achiever, besides the fact that it helps us hit Diamond faster, is that it forces us to work our businesses. We all get complacent and this gives us a little push to do something with our business every month. We get recognized and hit a new rank for taking action. Now, everyone can hit a rank and receive recognition, not just the builders!

How many Star Achievers do you have in your team?

"45 Star Achievers, 2 of which are Super Star Achievers, one of those is me."

What advice would you give to those who aspire to become Star Achievers & Super Star Achievers?

"Star Achiever is when you maintain 300 Personal Qualifying Volume every month. Our PQV success principle is to use 100, sample 100, and sell 100. Your subscription is worth 100 PQV, so if you sign up for Ellev8 thatʻs another 100PQV, and then all you need is some products from our Zence line to make up the additional 100 PQV. Itʻs very easy to take pre-sales as well by showing the 1 min video with Diamond Ambassador Mr. David Hunt and the acid test of Skintech.

To watch Skintech acid test, click here!

Now, you can place an order and take some of the proceeds and use it for the next month to hit Star Achiever again. Duplicate the process by teaching your team to do the same thing. Help and serve your team and teach them how to work their businesses as entrepreneurs, and you will hit the rank of Super Star Achiever every month."

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These are amazing achievements. As I go for my third month as a Star Achiever, These videos encourage me. Congratulations to all of you that have made Star Achiever an monthly event. I'll see you cross the stage at our next event.

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