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Star Achiever Interview Series— Mick Brown & Darlene Garcia

Since December 2020, Sapphire Ambassadors, Mr. Mick Brown & Ms. Darlene Garcia Became Super Star Achievers! 🌟

"Create a plan, stay consistent, and lead by example." That's the 3-ingredient formula to becoming a Super Star Achiever according to Sapphire Ambassadors, Mr. Mick Brown & Ms. Darlene Garcia.

How did you start your Super Star Achiever journey?

"We started right out of Go Diamond 2020, 2 months before the company officially started the program. This allowed us and our team to already be in momentum and have our plan in place before the official launch. Our very first step was making sure our subscription was paid and then bought product to meet the qualifying volume of 300PQV."

What was your business strategy for building your team & becoming a Super Star Achiever?

"Our strategy was following exactly what Mr. Buggs taught us to do. We became a product of the product and taught our team to do the same. Creating our own testimonials allowed us to have energy and excitement when sharing with others. We made sure we and our team always had inventory on hand. We consistently follow the strategy of use, sample, and sell."

How many Star Achievers do you have in your team?

"Since the program started in February we have consistently had 5-7 Star Achievers in our first level."

What advice would you give to those who aspire to become Star Achievers & Super Star Achievers?

"Our advice would be to create a plan, stay consistent, and lead by example. Consistency is key to remaining a Star and creating more Stars."

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