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Star Achiever Interview Series— Laycie Tobosa

Sapphire Ambassadors, Ms. Laycie Tobosa built her team and fulfilled her dream of becoming a Super Star Achiever! 🌟

Self-help gurus preach that you may not have the tools and resources needed to achieve your goals, but once you make the decision and commitment, everything will work to your advantage. The story of Ms. Laycie Tobosa proves this theory. Continue reading to learn more!

How did you start your Super Star Achiever journey? "My Star Achiever journey began with our team implementing the program a couple of months before it officially started. I had just joined ibüümerang and still had much to learn, but I knew that to be successful in this business, I needed to follow the training and stay committed to the process.

First, I was a Star Achiever, but that wasn’t enough for me. I knew I wanted to become a Super Star Achiever, but to do that, I needed to have at least 5 Star Achievers, which meant that I needed at least 5 direct Ambassadors. At the time, I was not building my team, but I quickly changed my mindset and recommitted to building my business.

In April 2021, I started a run with my leader Sandee Aqui and many others on our team. I was able to enroll at least 5 new Ambassadors and I took advantage of our product launch to help each of my team members to become Star Achievers. In April, I hit Super Star Achiever for the first time. I missed that status in May, but I worked to regain that status again for June and July.

My plan is to constantly build my business and add value to the program in the eyes of all of those in my team so I don’t miss Super Star Achiever again."

What was your business strategy for building your team & becoming a Super Star Achiever? "My initial business strategy was to take advantage of the SkinTech product launch. Now that our new Powered By iGo website is up, my business strategy is to encourage my team to not only be a product of the product, but also to help their customers save money on Bill Genius and iGo and get access to our amazing products, Zence Moods and SkinTech. With every dollar saved and every product purchased, you get PQV (Personal Qualifying Volume) toward your Star Achiever status.

This way, you achieve your status of Star Achiever without needing to buy into it. Instead, you BUILD into it and that is the purpose of this program: To build your business!"

How many Star Achievers do you have in your team? "I currently have 6 Star Achievers in my team and I am looking forward to popping more and more in the coming months."

What advice would you give to those who aspire to become Star Achievers & Super Star Achievers? "Stay committed to your business no matter the obstacles. Results may not come immediately, but keep plugged into your leaders, your team trainings, corporate trainings, and Flight School. With the system set up in ibüümerang, if you follow the training provided, you will inevitably find the success that you desire.

Stay committed to your personal development. Constantly be working on your mindset and stay laser-focused on your goals. Take ACTION daily and never just keep busy, but be sure you are always PRODUCTIVE!

Foster relationships with your team members and genuinely reach out to help them develop into the leaders and entrepreneurs they deserve to be. Helping our team members to succeed will in turn help us to succeed because we rise TOGETHER!"

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