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Star Achiever Interview Series— David Gilty

Emerald Ambassador, Mr. David Gilty hits a MAJOR milestone and becomes a Super Star Achiever! 🌟

Defining a clear goal, aiming high, and following a well-constructed plan are key elements to success. Mr. David Guilty shares how he employed these elements to become a Super Star Achiever. Continue reading to learn about his strategies.

How did you start your Super Star Achiever journey?

"I kicked it off by following the blueprint of our leadership: Our CEO, Mr. Holton Buggs and our Global Master Ambassador, Mr. Edwin Haynes. Although becoming a Star Achiever is the first step, I immediately felt the responsibility to aim for becoming a Super Star Achiever. This meant that I had to become a Star Achiever to lead from the front and then become a servant leader by becoming a Super Star Achiever."

To learn more about Mr. Buggs' blueprint to becoming a Star Achiever, click here!

What was your business strategy for building your team & becoming a Super Star Achiever?

"The business strategy I followed to become a Super Star Achiever can be summarized as follows:"

  1. Follow the blueprint of leadership.

  2. Lead from the front and invest in your business.

  3. Work with others who want to duplicate the process.

  4. Repeat the process until you reach success.

How many Star Achievers do you have in your team?

"In February, we had 3 Super Star Achievers and 65 Star Achievers. In March, we had 3 Super Star Achievers once again, and 35 Star Achievers. "

What advice would you give to those who aspire to become Star Achievers & Super Star Achievers?

"Becoming a Star or Super Star Achiever is about investing in your population, your city, your state, and your country. It's about making them understand what it means to have a product with ibüümerang. And most importantly, you need to invest in yourself and the opportunity. Once you start doing that diligently, you will be destined to achieve success."

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