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Star Achiever Interview Series— Bart Bartlett

Senior Director, Mr. Bart Bartlett hit Star Achiever since day 1 and for 8 consecutive months!

"Ask yourself, how important is it to you? Are you doing it for you or are you doing it for recognition? If you’re doing it to be recognized, you will experience some success. However, if you work to become a Star Achiever or Super Star Achiever because it is a non-negotiable in your business and your commitment, then success follows you." –Bart Bartlett

How did you start your Star Achiever journey? "When Mr. Holton Buggs introduced the Star Achiever program, I saw it as 100% motivation + affirmation. I got started early and was a Star Achiever in January 2021. Pre-season is as important as the season. The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.

I set aside my monthly budget to include the 300 PQV. When TGray and the brilliant IT team created Autoship and put the earliest subscriptions on the 5th, I took that as an affirmation. That challenged me more to share the message of Powered by iGo. HB & the GMA teach: use ⅓, give away ⅓, sell ⅓. When you sell ⅓, you recoup that subscription."

What was your business strategy for building your team & becoming a Star Achiever? "My business strategy started when Star Achiever was introduced. It was easy, I said, “that’s me.” And it was never about the recognition, it is a personal commitment that this is me. This is me; stick and stay and pave the way. As for fellow team members, downline, upline, and sideline, having the posture of consistently being a Day 1 Star Achiever is testimony enough. Success breeds success and results yield results. AND, I currently don’t own a watch, so that is an external motivation!"

How many Star Achievers do you have in your team? "Currently, I have 2 Star Achievers on the team. However, when I speak to prospects, I always include Star Achiever and how Star Achiever is an affirmation you are taking your business and commitment seriously. When you commit to it and commit to it early in your business and early in the month, it is a form of self-talk that you need to get busy, build, and create a profit."

Where do you see yourself going with the Star Achiever program?

My next step is Super Star Achiever. To me, that is more important than rank. Being a Super Star Achiever indicates I have a firm foundation. A firm foundation is what legacies are built on."

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