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Hey _, how’s it going? Do you have a quick minute, I have a huge favor to ask

Customer: Sure, what’s up?


You: Listen, I’m reaching out for a bit of support, but also wanted for you to be one of the first people I talked to about this. I am actually launching a wearable technology that goes on like an invisible glove, feels amazing and keeps your skin protected and sanitized for 4 straight hours.


Before you say yes, if you don't absolutely fall in love with it, I’ll give you 100% of your money back. We have two sizes available - regular and travel. How many would you like for you and your family?


Customer: What are the sizes exactly? How much?

You: The travel size gives ~ one month of protection and costs $20.
Full size will last you the 3 months for $45.


We’ve partnered with a charity, each bottle feeds a child, how many bottles can I put you down for?


Customer: Put me down for 2 bottles.

You: They are normally $45 per full size bottle, but if you buy 4 bottles,
we’ll give you a travel-size for free. 

Customer: I’ll take 4.


Selling Script