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Join Us in Morocco or Costa Rica!

In Morocco you will see the spellbinding beauty of its natural landscapes and cultural heritage sites. You’ll enter the red, shifting sands of the Sahara Desert, and drive through the imposing, snow-capped Atlas Mountains. Explore the famed coastal city of Casablanca, and snap photos in Chefchaouen where the walls are painted deep, dreamy blue. Relax on the calm, fine beaches of Agadir. Morocco is the perfect combination of ancient heritage and artistic tradition with modern luxury and comfort.


Costa Rica is a magical experience as you walk the rain forest floor and then walk over the canopy via overhanging suspension bridges. Quench your thirst for adventure by traveling at high speeds by zipline through the magnificent old growth forest over spectacular scenery. Costa Rica is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Whether you are seeking world-class surfing, classic beach hangouts, a romantic getaway on miles of deserted beach or seaside horseback riding Costa Rica has it all for the ibüümerang Sapphires, Rubies and Emeralds. 


Qualify three times - Hotel and Airfare

Qualify four times - Room upgrade and Airfare
Qualify five times - Hotel Suite and Airfare
Qualify six times - Hotel Suite and Airfare for two

To qualify is a minimum of 15,000 BV
You must qualify a minimum of three times at Sapphire to attend

Europe, Africa & other countries will go to Morocco
North and South America will go to Costa Rica