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The Büüm Foundation Donates 750,000 Servings to Manna Relief

Updated: Jun 2, 2021

Manna Relief has been our foundation’s valued partner in delivering our noble promise to humanity. A promise that protects life and states through action that no child’s life is less valuable than the other’s.

With Manna Relief‘s 20+ years of experience and delivery network through The Büüm Foundation, we have been able to deliver lifeline support to hundreds of thousands of children.

Last week, The Büüm Foundation donated 750,000 servings of nutrition to Manna Relief, one of many previous donations, and many millions of servings are to come- this is just the beginning!

How did it all start?

The collaboration between ibüümerang, The Büüm Foundation, and Manna Relief has been around since our beginnings in 2019. When the idea of ibüümerang was taking shape, the question was not “whether” we should give back to the world, but “how” can we execute that and make an impactful difference.

The discussion revolved around how to integrate this mission and make it a core component of ibüümerang. That’s how The Büüm Foundation was born. A global vision of providing an abundant life for every child on the planet.

Why Child Nutrition?

Even though we live in an advanced and wealthy world, satisfying the most basic needs of millions of children worldwide still seems like a far-fetched dream.

This paradox is causing millions of children to die from causes that can easily be prevented. Those children still experience a lack of food, clean water, medication, shelter, and education. They still need protection against abuse, child slavery, and trafficking.

All of these paths are worth supporting. ibüümerang and The Büüm Foundation took on the mission to eradicate child malnourishment worldwide.

At its core, this mission addresses not just the survival today but the well-being of a child’s future. In every way, it touches on humanity’s very own existence.


Fast forward to today, after two years of operation and the perpetual giving models, The Büüm Foundation is stronger than ever, and its mission is being fulfilled. Every new day generates life-saving donations that provide servings of nutrition to children in need.

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