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Marianne Schütze: Diamond Ambassador Among First CEO Circle Members

Inspired by her newfound passion for trading and the value provided by her CEO as part of the Diamond Club, Marianne Schütze has become one of the first coveted members of the CEO Circle.

After qualifying by acquiring 10 new Ellev8 customers, your Diamond is gearing up to continue sharing her passion for trading as she works towards the CEO Corner!

View her interview below as your leader demonstrates what it means to allow passion into your business and how it can be the key to getting success, FAST!

What motivated you to join the CEO Circle?

I already have the pleasure of attending special calls with our CEO as part of the Diamond Club, and they always make me think and act differently. Mr. Buggs has an incredible mindset and I want to be as close to that as much as possible. I wanted to show him my continued dedication through my actions, and not just from my rank.

How does it feel to be the first members of the CEO Circle?

I’m proud of myself. I always lead from the front. I show my team how to build the business. But I’m more excited about the customers I helped get started; I know their life will never be the same because I reached out to them and helped them get started with trading.

Why do you think it is essential to join the CEO Circle?

I don’t want anyone to miss out on the opportunity to get closer to Mr. Holton Buggs and learn from him. We are here to help people - if you are in the CEO Circle, it shows that you have at least helped 10 people get started with trading. Joining is personal satisfaction and it builds your business as well.

What is your “secret” to getting Ellev8 customers?

I got started in trading myself and have just been sharing my excitement with my network. I have reached out to previous partners, and I have been hosting online trading webinars too.

What do you hope to gain from being a part of the CEO Circle?

I know I will learn from masterminding with Mr. Holton Buggs and the other members of the CEO Circle. I hope we can inspire other Ambassadors to join us as well. Trading is a very important part of what we do, so everybody should aim to join the CEO Circle.

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