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Luis Ventura & Fernanda Vera Become the First Members of CEO Corner

Blue Diamond duo Mr. Luis Ventura and Ms. Fernanda Vera have officially become the first members of both the CEO Circle and CEO Corner.

These leaders have set an example for the entire company as they continue to leverage the power of Ellev8 to gain customers and success., As they continue to gain even more customers they are building a solid foundation for their business and they will be a part of Mr. Holton Buggs's inner circle of mentorship and coaching.

Check out their CEO Corner interview below as your Blue Diamonds delve into what it means to grow and build a solid foundation with customers.

What motivated you to join the CEO Corner?

Leadership, and knowing the incredible value and knowledge that would come from being behind the scenes with a leader like Mr. Holton Buggs. Joining CEO Corner allows us to access priceless mentorship.

How does it feel to be the first members of the CEO Circle and Corner?

Becoming the first members of CEO Circle and CEO Corner means a lot to us. When Mr. Holton Buggs told the company about this opportunity, we knew that someone would have to lead by example. If someone had to be the first, it had to be us.

Why do you think it is essential to join the CEO Circle?

Leadership is the most important thing to your business’ success. If you have a great leader like Mr. Holton Buggs and you make the effort to get close to him through opportunities like the CEO Circle, your business will thrive. That is what motivated us to be the first to join.

What is your “secret” to getting Ellev8 customers?

The secret is that we believe in ibüümerang, in the Ellev8 educators, and in the trading platform we are promoting. When you know you have access to the best, you want to tell everyone about it. When people see you excited and talking about something you are passionate about, they are going to listen and they are going to want to join.

What do you hope to gain from being a part of the CEO Corner?

We hope to get a deeper relationship with Mr. Holton Buggs and get a further glimpse into how he operates off-stage. Gaining insights into what it takes behind the scenes to become such a big mogul of success was a key motivator in leading us to join.
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