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Introducing Ambassador Orientation

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

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I have never been a part of such excellent training. Our leadership ia amazing. Mr. Holton and Earlene Buggs Mr. Edwin Haynes, with The two-nicorn, Mark and T. Gray every Saturday morning. they give up so much to ensure our success, We all owe them our allegiance, gratitude and respect. Thank you all for your faithful service, accountability and their unrelenting courage as example of great and powerful leadership. Thank you to everyone who makes this all works.


Thank you #HoltonBuggs for bringing your creative genius and collective partners together to build the ultimate #JustDifferent #PRIB to give ordinary people like me, the opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

So the sophisticated fully automated educational and informative ecosystem you designed offers the duplicatable steps most people find very easy to follow. #Just Different

Your design of an exquisitely strong Tech Company leveraging AI so we owners have more time to work closely with our Teams. Although the automation can do it all #HoltonBuggs’s philosophy of #GOOD Get Out Of Debt keeps the face to face; voice to voice contact in our ibüümerang family.


A system designed for you to succeed from the start of your business. This is truly a company and leadership that wants everyone to succeed big!!!


A Success System to follow right from the start ... all we have to do is get started & keep going ... we will get to the success we desire and work for!! Thank you x. "Buum!"


What a wonderful way to begin our careers. The most important information is in one place; no need to hunt. Excellent online training!

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