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ibüümerang's Melissa Anglero - Building your Business in a New Age

Familiar in the network marketing world, Melissa Anglero found herself wanting more purpose and leadership in her company – and that’s when she found ibüümerang and became the social media star and leader we know today.

Check out the following interview to get some insights into Melissa’s journey and how she intends to support as many people as she can in 2022 to get to the level of success that they desire.

How did you come across ibüümerang?

I have been part of network marketing for a little over 2 years, and I was pretty successful at the previous company I worked for. However, I found myself seeking leadership, a positive environment, and somewhere I could grow.
I was introduced to ibüümerang after I joined a Facebook group that focused on the “money mindset.” One of the group tasks was for members to post and share a little about themselves and goals for the future.
After I made my own post, someone from London reached out to me and we connected via Zoom. He invited me to an ibüümerang team call and I just knew instantly that this company was exactly what I had been praying for. From that point forward, I was all in.

What were your strategies when building your team and aiming to become a Super Star Achiever?

The strategy that I used while building is social media. To captivate my audience, I use Facebook live and my Instagram stories.
I simply share my excitement and vision, and the personal stories that got me here. I did not expect to become a top enroller; I saw my name on the list after only two days with ibüümerang.

As we go into 2022, what are some of the directions you want to see your business go in and what are some of your personal goals for the new year?

As we go into 2022, I see my business expanding globally. I see as many men and women as possible becoming a part of this amazing opportunity and helping them break generational curses and build generation wealth.
I see my team creating and building legacies for their future. Some of my personal goals for the new year is to relocate to Texas with my family.
One of my deepest desires is to open a non-profit “baseball facility” for our youth, where they would be able to receive resources for physical, spiritual, and mental growth.
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