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Mrs. Kim &
Mr. Sam Bean


Mrs. Kim & Mr. Sam Bean have been in the industry under the leadership of Mr. & Mrs. Buggs for 16 years. They've played an intricate role to their success in the industry of network marketing. 

Because of their success, they created a lifestyle for their sons and themselves. ibüümerang has gave them an opportunity to make money without having to work a J-O-B! 

Being a part of ibüümerang has allowed them to take on a greater leadership role and gives them the ability to build on a larger scale. #Winning 


Mr. Daniel Camero & Mrs. Talitta Camero


Meet Mr. Daniel Camero & Mrs. Talitta Camero! An amazing power couple in ibüümerang! 

Before joining ibüümerang, Talitta was working as an insurance agent and Daniel was a full time waiter at a restaurant. Until they found out about the INCREDIBLE opportunity through a video conference with Mr. Holton Buggs himself!  

After joining ibüümerang, their momentum rose them both to a Diamond Rank and they've been successful ever since! Because of their dedication and hard work, they've been able to achieve many goals in life! 

Talk about Perseverance! 

Mr. Luis Ventura & Mrs. Fernanda Vera


Meet the dynamic duo, Mr. Luis Ventura & Mrs. Fernanda Vera! 

Together, the two were interested in network marketing from the start! They were in search of a company that gives them the power to build a perpetual residual income! 

Then, they found out about ibüümerang through Mr. Holton Buggs!  They were instantly drawn into the amazing opportunity & wanted to start right away! 

Together, the team is evolving the network marketing industry worldwide!  ibüümerang has brought much success to the #PowerCouple’s business by providing them with leadership skills & peace of mind! 

They believe that working with Mr. Holton Buggs means guaranteed success!  So they continue to follow the vision & reach incredible milestones! 


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